What’s in a name?


April 2, 2011 by Heather Harris

So here it finally is! My first blog post. I hope you all know you’re in for a wild ride if you dare to share in the wonderings and wanderings that make up my incredibly quirky mind.

So here’s what I’ve been wondering lately. What’s in a name? I know, cliché, right? Ol’ Bill Shakespeare asked the same question in “Romeo and Juliet,” but seriously, I would like to know.

I’ve always looked at my name as temporary. I won’t always be Heather Harris.  One day, maybe I’ll get married and that identity will change.  So what’s the use in growing into it, if it might not be my permanent identity? And if I get married, what happens if my husband dies, and I meet someone new, get married, and my name changes all over again?  What’s the point in growing into any name, any new identity?  Does my name even have anything to do with my identity in the first place?

As we go through life, we are constantly growing in and out of things, shedding skins, becoming something new, beginning new phases of life.  I have been stuck in the same old dead skin for so long because I’ve been afraid to grow out of it.  I’ve been afraid to let go of my past and embrace a new me.  I’ve been this scared, awkward girl because I am too stubborn and too weak to rub off my old uncomfortable itchy dead skin and grow into my new soft pink skin that Christ died to give to me.  What if it hurts?  What happens if my new skin isn’t ready to


Grow towards the light.

face the air and protect me from the world just yet?  I will always have doubts.  I can’t rid myself of this old skin by myself, but that’s where Jesus comes in.

It’s a layer of myself that I have to let go.  Layer by layer, I grow more and more like Christ.  Yes, it’s a painful and difficult process, but a necessary one that is worth what it takes.  So, I am making the decision to let Jesus take my old skin and strengthen the new one.  I’m ready to grow into my identity as Christ’s loved one, not Heather Harris, or any other name that it might one day be changed to.  I’m excited to see where it takes me.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Jessi says:

    This is Jessi from church. I really enjoyed this post. I’ll definitely be following.

    One of the things you mentioned made me think of the lyrics of this song:

    I did it at church once. The second verse is what came to mind.

    • hrh413 says:

      I’m glad you liked it! I have always loved writing and thought maybe it was time to start sharing it for God’s glory. Thanks for the song. It’s a good one!

  2. moonchild11 says:

    I am glad you started a blog! And I agree with this! Been pealing off a lot of layers myself lately. 😛

    Letting go of identity is so difficult and risky, and you just feel so cold and exposed for awhile…

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