In The Dream


August 4, 2011 by Heather Harris

In the dream I was fluid, flowing endlessly in a circular path

I could hear the rush of movement, feel the refreshing mist of coolness surrounding my cheeks and ears .

Thump, thump, thump. You live amongst the water that surrounds my glowing, growing heart.

Shift, shift, shift. You plant a garden there amongst the weeds and thorns that strive to choke it out.

Carefully, painstakingly, the tips of your fingers crack and bleed with the effort of cleaning me out,

Tearing me apart, ripping out the roots of all the evil blood and guts that cause my shoulders to harden and my jaws and fists to clench.

My body groans from pain, but it is worth the agony, the fight, the wait.

What will I be when you are through? What will I have when you’ve reached the end of my deepest streaming?

You purge and forge me into something greater, more beautiful

You form me into something new.

In the dream, I ran long distances.

The ground beneath me caressing each stride.

I was the wind, and the wind was in me.

My legs felt strong and capable beneath me.

I never grew tired or longed for rest.

My nostrils breathed in and out like water coursing through a river, never losing its way,

Steady and constant, yet always moving,




I am in a forest, dusk softly embracing me.

Deep purples and reds of twilight dancing on the clouds and trees,

A blinking, winking firefly dance you’ve lit inside me.

Firey lungs, heavy breathing,

The whirling, spinning world around me

Like the carousel when I was young, ‘round and ‘round we go!

My eyelids heavy, sinking

like curtains sucked down by the vacuum cleaner’s careless hose

They fall!

Sleep at last.


2 thoughts on “In The Dream

  1. Amazing. I really like this.

  2. hrh413 says:

    Thanks! It originally came out as a timed writing in my creative writing class, but I polished it up a bit.

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