September 3, 2011 by Heather Harris

A burning in my chest, an ache, a searing pain,

How could I ever love like this again?

It hurts to try, to feel, to think,

Knowing you and I will sink

Into memory, corners black as night,

Nothing more than wavering light.

I cry for you, for me, for us,

for wounds reopened, oozing puss.

Time does not heal, it slinks and crawls,

and creates distance, until all falls

Apart, a mess of broken shards,

my heart a fragile house of cards.

I can’t forget. I don’t want to let go.

You mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

A burning in my chest, an ache, a searing pain,

How could I ever love like this again?




4 thoughts on “Heartache

  1. bluemustang5 says:

    Nicely said. Easy to relate.

  2. Stitch says:


    I remember the pain very very well…the married guy I wrote about on my blog? Saw him this weekend. It still takes my breath away when I see him. My heart still jumps at the sight of him (and when it’s still so obvious that he still understands me). And I’m married!

    Over time…your love for him will change. Not go away…if you’re at all like me, your love for someone never goes away. It just…adapts. My love for my husband is deliberate and strong – and I don’t wish I was with Joe at all. But…that aching still reoccurs from time to time, for all that was lost.

  3. hrh413 says:

    YES. Thank you. I ache for what was lost between us and all we could’ve been. I know I’ll find someone else, but right now, it all is still too fresh to not hurt.

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