Now That’s Happiness


October 7, 2011 by Heather Harris

I may not be the strongest.

I may not be trangressionless,

But I am free, forgiven, blessed,

Redeemed by the Son, and given rest.

So I will run hard, facing every test

Laid before my path with fervor and zest

For the One who took this weight from my chest,

The One who I can never impress,

but who loves me for me, in spite of my mess.

He fills me completely, drives out my emptiness.

So though I’m not always at my best,

I thank God for His forgiveness,

His mercy, His love that paid my debts,

So that I could be eternally blessed.

Life forever with Him: now that’s happiness.


2 thoughts on “Now That’s Happiness

  1. ruizjoseph57 says:

    this ones my favorite

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